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ABOUT KIOSK: The kiosk is an interactive computer that is usually used in public places and allows people nearby to jump onto the internet very quickly and it comes in very slick design which can be made custom to the person who is playing for it and it comes with a monitor, keyboard and a mouse ball. The great thing about the kiosk is it's availability to the public for example if you are doing some shopping but you really want to find out some information on the internet and you come across one of these machine's then the internet is at your feet. Another great thing about these machine's is that they don't just have to be used for the internet they can be create their own business platform.

ABOUT US: YOUTOP is dedicated to provide its customer a reliable, stable, and reputable kiosk service. YOUTOP kiosk services eliminates all the hassles of internet connection, its procedure is as smooth and fast as blinking of eye. Moreover we have very attractive plan for a wide range of customers. YOUTOP KIOSK SERVICES is a leading service provider for a comprehensive suite of next generation IP-based enterprise connectivity solutions. we are a young dedicated group of qualified entrepreneurs to bring you the latest technology in kiosk at your doorstep.

INTERNET SURFING: KIOSK machine will also help to bring the knowledge of internet service to those people who are not population of our country does not have the idea of the Internet World.  YOUTOP has taken step through KIOSK machines to introduce those people to the reign of internet. Those people must be card holders only and they can access internet in KIOSK. Training will be provided to those people by operator. KIOSK machines do have an effective facility i.e. the internet surfing which develops awareness among the unaware people. There will be time pulse for fixed intervals to use the internet. And so those people will feel free to enjoy and gain knowledge from internet access as they hesitate to go to cyber cafes, do internet recharges etc. So, KIOSK is a solution of many problems of common man.     

Our Service:


Create and manage students’ admission details, including promotions to their next courses or classes.


Track student attendance through the educational year and keep parents updated through SMS.


Plan and track homework and assignments on a daily basis. Assess student activities and update parents about results through SMS.

Exams & Assessments

Plan and organise exams, assess and maintain a database of marks, and update parents about results through SMS.

Remarks & Trackables

Track student progress using various parameters including Academic, Health, Attitude, Teamwork, etc.