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YOUTOP is a biggest student information provider. It provides proper guidance to student through internet assistant. Internet Assistant is a young dedicated group of qualified entrepreneurs to bring the proper guidance for your children at your doorstep.YOUTOP is dedicated to provide its customer a reliable, Stable, and Reputable student service. YOUTOP is working with some expert team who is working for your children to provide proper guidance in their own sector. You can get all our expert services using your phone anytime anywhere.  This practical and online information services will include the Health Expert Service, School Information, NGO Assistant Service, Job Expert Service, Edutech Advisor Service, Exam Expert Service, Government Information, and Organizer & student progress report through our unique software. This service is offered by ‘YOUTOP’ a very specialized corporate sector related to internet & allied services has arranged this all services in one roof.

The youth in today’ s generation are much more innovative and far sighted and are capable of doing a lot of ventures in the field of business and management, but  due to lack of proper information and knowledge about the business, the youth of the rural areas are not able to perform well and establish a business properly. They successfully start a business but are not able to sustain the business and manage the business for a long time and as a result the business is closed. In this kind of situation the business men had to suffer huge losses and are jobless. YouTop is a organization which focuses on helping the youth of INDIA residing in the rural areas with proper guidance on how to do a business in a profitable manner and how to manage the business. YouTop provides information through online media and guides the youth for a bright future.